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Of the things we think, say or do … Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

South Hill Rotary Club Matthew Jenkins, Winning Essay These four questions make up the Rotary 4-way test. By knowing and using this test, we could all become kinder people, but first you must understand what each question means. “Is it the TRUTH?” When you ask yourself this question, you are asking yourself if what you […]

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4-Way Test

South Hill Rotary Club Chelsey Tanner, Winning Essay Remember when you lied just to get out of trouble? Remember when you were not fair to the new player because she couldn’t hit the ball? Remember when anger got in the way of you and your friend’s relationship? Remember when you helped people with money or […]

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Truthful, Fair, Friendly, and Beneficial to Others

South Hill Rotary Club Alyssa Drohan, Winning Essay Even though my sister is three years younger than me, I look up to her. She is kind and understanding to everyone, especially me. It’s amazing how truthful, fair, friendly, and helpful she is. Truthfulness is a very important trait to have. If you always tell the […]

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