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The 4 Way Test and Me – Educating a New Generation by Akash Salam

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites Akash Salam, First Place Grade 10, Arroyo Grande High School Teacher:  Mr. Gregory One of the most fundamental aspects of any society is the prospect of education. It is this idea that propels a nation to the heights of its power. Nations, such as the United […]

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The 4-Way Test And Me: Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Hurt Me

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites Kiana Parker, Third Place Grade 8, Coastal Christian Teacher:  Mrs. Brown Specks of dust flittered down from the reflection of sunlight beaming in through the class window. Every tick of the clock sounded in my ears. Each student held their breath, as we all anxiously anticipated the big […]

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From Ordinary To Extraordinary With The 4-Way Test

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites Rebecca Schwind, First Place Grade 5, Shell Beach Elementary Teacher:  Mrs. Baca My social studies class is studying early America and we each have been assigned an historical figure for a wax museum, and I got Dolley Madison. I have learned what an extraordinary woman Dolley […]

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