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THE 4-WAY TEST AND ME byt Talia Conn

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites Talia Conn, First Place Grade 2,  Ocean View Elementary School Teacher: Ms. Janich Wherever I go to the library, it reminds me of when black people were not allowed to check out books and books remind me of the book called “Ron’s Mission.”  In “Ron’s Mission,” Ron […]

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Beethoven and the four way test by Torsten Johnson

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites Torsten Johnson, Second Place Grade 1,  Branch School Teacher: Mrs. Metcalf Ludwig van Beethoven is my favorite composer. I enjoy playing music. I play the piano. Beethoven wrote my favorite piano piece, called Fur Elise. It means for Elise. Who was Elise? Nobody knows for sure. […]

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The Four Way Test and Good Will

Rotary started something with the Four Way Test.  Rotary started people thinking about their actions and words and deeds.  Because of Rotary, the Four Way Test elevated itself from a national standing to international standing; how wonderful! As with etiquette and good manners, the element of good will found in Rotary’s Four Way Test is […]

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An Essay: Rotary’s Four Way Test

Truth, fair, concern, beneficial, good will, and friendship.   These words are the heart and soul of Rotary’s Four Way Test.  What these words have in common with civility, good manners and etiquette is that they are all a part of civility, good manners and etiquette. Telling the truth is what we learn as a child.  […]

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Rotary District 5240 Vocational Service Expo Booth

Los Angeles – Rotary International Convention House of Friendship will be featured at Rotary District 5240 Vocational Service Expo Booth in the House of Friendship. You will find great information concerning the Four-Way Test. Many people have written for advice to assist them in promoting their Four-Way Test Essay Contests. I have accumulated a […]

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Three Months into the New Rotary Year … Are you planning a Four-Way Test Contest?

Good morning! The summer has come and is on the way out. School has started again … It’s the perfect time to begin thinking about how your club or organization can educate and promote the use of the Four-Way Test in your community. Many of us in Rotary have participated in some sort of Four-Way […]

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